Alex and Sophie-1867Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!   In 2009, I met the love of my life — my sweet dog — Sophie.  She is sweet, funny, strong willed, and — goodness help me — spoiled rotten.  Over the course of time, her nickname has become Silly Sophie because she cracks me up every day, and I swear she loves doing it.

Throughout our decade together, she has brought me so much joy.  It has been during our daily walks that I discovered the power of prayer and a relationship with and deep love of the Lord.

Shortly after adopting Sophie, I was inspired to do something creative to share God’s love with others.  Thus, the idea for Silly Sophie’s Summer Sunday Morning was born.  My hope is that this simple, yet beautifully illustrated, children’s book brings joy to all kiddos and families who read it.  Click here to get a signed copy Silly Sophie’s Summer Sunday Morning!