Hello and thank you for your interest in my calligraphy page!  Throughout my work in non-profit fundraising, I have developed a deep appreciation for a beautifully personalized invitation, letter, special announcement or gift.   I fell in love with calligraphy years ago when I took my first calligraphy class.  Over the years, I have become specialized in traditional copperplate calligraphy, but also enjoy writing modern script and working with different lettering styles.   I live in Tomball, TX and would be delighted to collaborate with brides, party hosts, non-profits, event planners, and/or new moms and help you personalize your event.

Calligraphy Services Include:

  • Envelope Addressing
  • Menus
  • Escort and Place Cards
  • Quotes & Poems
  • Scripture
  • Custom Lettering

I am located in Tomball, TX and look forward to working with you!  For more information or to request a quote, please contact me here.