Silly Sophie’s Summer Sunday Morning


Photo by Jennifer Crenshaw

On a beautiful summer Sunday morning, the Bailey family – Mom, Dad, Timothy, Sarah, and their beloved dog, Silly Sophie – enjoy family time over a big hearty breakfast.  When Timothy and Sarah ask to be excused to play outside with Silly Sophie, Mom reminds them it is time to get ready for church.  Of course, Timothy and Sarah would rather be doing other things, but Mom and Dad lovingly relay the importance of honoring God by going to church.  As the day unfolds, Silly Sophie provides joy and laughter to the Bailey family.

Beautifully designed and illustrated by Dallas artist, Cachet Petty, Silly Sophie’s Summer Sunday Morning is a story about faith, family, and – of course – Silly Sophie.  Be sure to look for Silly Sophie’s paw prints throughout the book – each one leads to a Bible verse!

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Before You Were Born

Before You Were Born sends a beautiful and edifying message for young ears to hear how special they are to God.  This nursery rhyme, inspired by scripture verses Psalm 139: 13-15 and Jeremiah 29:11, reveals that from our mother’s womb, each child is loved, treasured, and known by God.   Before You Were Born is adorably illustrated showing how God loves and watches over each and every one of his children.  CLICK HERE to get your signed copy today!

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