My Walks With Sophie

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So as it turns out, finding time to blog has been difficult for me.  My biggest regret is not sharing all the moments that I treasured with Sophie.  Because as it turns out I do not have much time left with her.  Over the last year, she has developed a massive lipoma on her left side.  Even when it was more manageable the vet did not recommend surgery because of her age.   Now it is about 20 pounds and the vet said that it has caused muscle atrophy and it is attached to her rib cage causing her ribs to be fragile and making it difficult for her to balance when she gets up.  But her personality has not changed much.  She still eats and loves her back and ear rubs.

The vet said I would know when it is time.   Believe me, I have her best interest at heart, but it is not yet time.

Above is a montage of pictures from our early morning walks over the years.   It was during my walks with Sophie that I learned the power of prayer.  It was my time to talk with Jesus and to ground myself before a busy day.   They have brought me so much peace and joy and even though the time grows closer, I am not ready for our walks to end.

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